Attendance & Cancellations. Please Read

If you do have to make a cancellation please text at least 24 hours before your lesson, (see 'Terms and Conditions) if your text is logged at least a day before then there will be no charge for your lesson, this is acceptable three times a year after which you will be charged for absent classes. All texts to the music school answerphone must include the full name of the person canceling the lesson, the name of the teacher and also the time and day which you are referring to.


Although it is completely understandable to absences do occur please remember that regular attendance is vital. If you are serious about achieving in music you must remain focused from day one about your goals, it is impossible for us to sustain a music school for the students who do want to succeed by continually offering places in the school to those who consider it a third rate hobby. Please make this a priority and you can then expect regular progress.