Well done to all those of you who have recently taken exams, I am very proud of you all for making such a tremendous effort. We will of course always be looking to the future to ever achieve at higher levels.

Music is often considered a luxury in peoples lives because of the prestige associated with advance performance, it is always considered a pleasure to go and hear the great players of the world perform.

Outside of the world of music whether a person is performing at the Royal Albert Hall or your local village hall is (surprisingly) considered the same when people say, 'oh, you play a bit of piano'.

This is why many musicians and other artists, the world over, struggle for recognition because after a while the only thing which allows you to tell a good player from a bad one is 'how fast they can play' which of course is NOT the main aim.

Anyone with a bit of personality can play a piece softly to make an adult crowd say 'wow! doesn't he/she play well', they really don't know if you've spent 10 minutes or 10 years learning it, it is just the way you play which makes people react.

To become proficient in music, focus on yourself as an individual and then communicate that to an audience through the sound of the instrument you play. Learn to ignore those who may be listening and simply focus on playing an enjoyable melody, it will lead you in the right direction.

If music students are taught well, they will be aware of a systematic approach when working through new pieces of music. They may not give note perfect performances, when recalling older material at sight, but a good student remembers how they achieved it. If notes are missed, focused students will always remember how make improvements.


The higher grades do demand a lot more from both the teachers and students, this is why the classes are smaller, there is currently a sliding scale in place for payment of more advanced levels of tuition it allows us to continue building the level of tuition offered by the school.

Our success rate with the music schools is high because of the dedication of many parents who must be praised for their efforts by continually encouraging their children to continue  attending music lessons year in year out.